Calories and Money

foodIt’s a known fact, that in less developed countries, the higher your socioeconomic status, the more obese you most likely are (Big equals wealthy). However, in more developed countries, the lower your socioeconomic status is, the more likely you are to be obese (Big equal poor). So, why is it opposite depending on the country? A lot of it is calories in and calories out, no matter what the country’s development level is. People in less developed countries can afford the more expensive higher calorie options so they become more obese, while the cheaper food in more developed countries are usually higher calories. The dollar menu is great to save a buck, but if your health is failing then you can’t eat it.  You get to dish out more for a salad at Panera.

Your money is the same way. You have money in and money out every week, two weeks, or month. Your bills and spending is money out and your pay is money in. You have to run your life like a little business and keep yourself in the black to stay afloat. Usually, if you have too much red, you have to cut the spending. No more $4 coffee for you, just brew at home or get off the caffeine all together with, you’re additive behavior costs you money.

Everyday we all make life-changing decisions about our health and our finances. Over time it adds up to a stress filled slow death or a happy long life. We have to choose.  Do we eat unhealthy food out, or do I wait ten more minutes to get home and make something I already bought that is healthier. By making these decisions and changing our behavior over time we begin to see small changes that add up in both better health, and better finances in the long run. If we don’t spend the $3 a day eating or drinking out we saved 500 extra calories a day, or 15,000 a month and we saved $90 a month, or $1080 a year to put away to help max your Roth IRA (yeah Roth!!). Also, by making these life-changing decisions we save money other places such as doctor’s visits, personal trainers, fewer cavities, new cooking skills learned, and maybe better relationships. We also get an endorphin rush when we accomplish something amazing and new such as cooking a great meal.

So the next time you want to just be a little bit lazy and buy some sweets, or a taco Tuesday deal, remember that you have food sitting at home already purchased, and it will make you a wealthier, healthier, happier person to go home and make that meal.

2 thoughts on “Calories and Money

  1. If I make homemade shortbread and whipped cream but don’t refer to it as a Twinkie can it be healthy?

    How great would it be if developed countries didn’t charge more for healthier foods? $.99 cheeseburger is hard to beat compares to $7 bowl of lettuce.


  2. A twinkie is still a twinkie. The best way to get healthy food is to grow it yourself. Its been the same for the last 10,000 years. But a cheeseburger is tastier no matter what.


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