Just so you are aware that most of the links to products, books, apps, financial apps and programs are affiliate links that make me a little money.  I do use all the products here and I wouldn’t suggest them if I though they were terrible.  I make my money from my real job at the moment, and this is just money to help me break even on the website expenses.  Maybe a blogger can dream bigger one day and make some real money, but for now I’m trying to break even, and make some extra investment dollars.

There are also some ads placed on my website and I do make a very small amount from those, but I am not an affiliate with those ads.  A company places them throughout my webpage in return I get a small fee.

Also I am not a certified financial anything.  I’m just a guy who loves personal finances and researches it a lot, and likes to help others learn through my trials.  Everything I write is my opinion, and should be taken as just my opinion and nothing more.  Always research everything throughly before risking your money or making life decisions.

Now get back to reading my many articles and enjoying your journey with money.

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